Monday, April 26, 2010

Website OTW

The Website of the Week is:

If you're just now hearing of this website, I'm very sorry you've been missing out for so long. This so happens to be one of my top favorite sites ever! IMDB stands for Internet Movie Database. (Duh, it's right under the logo!) I am such a movie/television/celebrity freak that this website makes me drool. (Not literally of course).

Ever been watching a movie and wonder "where the heck have I seen that person before?" or "what is that actors name?!". Just go to this site and type the movie title in the search bar. Either it'll go directly to it's page or it'll give you different ones to choose from, because not all movie titles are so original (shock!). Once you're at a movie page, or television page, there's so much information provided. Synopsis, trailers, tagline, awards, genre, writer, director, the cast lists, pictures, and more! You can also search or click on an actor and see pretty much everything they've done in their career, from the movies they were in, guest spots they had, soundtracks they were on, and so much more.

It's also really great to use if you want to know what movies you haven't seen that favorite actors are in, or what their upcoming projects are. And while you're there, don't worry about checking Fandango or searching for the Top Box Office movies, upcoming movies, movies opening that week, newly released DVDS, TV listings, and so much more, because it's all on the homepage.

Once you have discovered this site, you will understand how useful and addicting it can be! Better bookmark it now, it'll come in handy.


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