Monday, April 19, 2010

10 Things I Love About 10 Things!

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1. It's LOL comedy! "Cameron, this seat has your name on it... actually... it says deez nutz"

2. Cute adorable boys. Uh duh, uber tall Cameron is so beyond cute. And Joey, who is so dumb, it's adorable.

3. Even though it's on season two, it's still taking place during the same school year as last season. Which means, the show will be able to last longer in High School.

4. It's not a kids show. Okay, I'm sure lots of teenagers watch it, but it's not an average "kids show". It's high school in 2010. And even though I graduated in 2006, I'm sure not much has changed. Maybe they're even naughtier than my classmates, but if that's the case, they would have to be pretty effing dirty. haha.

5. Good actors! They're all pretty young, and it is an ABC original t.v. show, so the fact that they have good dramatic acting and awesome comedic timing is really quite impressive.

6. So, freaking, relatable. I say this a lot when I review books or movies, and there's a reason why it's important. When it comes to a certain genre of entertainment, I want to feel like I can relate to certain characters, or feel the way they do, or want to be just like them. I'm not talking about movies like, the recently reviewed by my awesome self, Repo Men, for example. Those are movies I go to wanting to explore another world and see some badass action. But when I read chic lit books, or watch romantic comedies, I want to relate to it some way or form. And I can say, though my peers weren't as good looking, the show is almost just like High School.

7. The family dynamic. You can see the love they all have for one another just oozing out of their pores. Okay, that sounded disgusting, but you know what I mean. Even though Kat and Bianca fight, it's obvious they love each other. The writers don't ever take it to an extreme. Also, the way their dad treats them, yes a little crazy, but he's raising them both all on his own, so it's understandable.

8. Chemistry. The whole cast makes their relationships with one another totally believable. It's called great chemistry. If any of them don't get along of set, I'd be super surprised.

9. Bianca and Kat's dad on the t.v. show is the same dad from the movie. I think that is really neat.

10. They didn't ruin the movie at all! It has the same characters, but with little twists. I've read that Kat isn't a virgin on the show, but I highly doubt she lost it to Joey, like she did in the movie. Joey is a douche in the movie, but just an airhead on the show. Cameron still loves Bianca, like the movie. And hopefully, eventually, they'll end up together. Kat is still hardcore. She ends up together with Patrick, but not in the same way as the movie. Chasity is a beotch in both show and movie, but has a way bigger part on the show. 10 Things I Hate About You, to it's core, isthe same, but just the right amount of different. I'm not sure if that made any sense, but my point is... they did not ruin the movie! And the show rocks!

PS I am officially in love with Nicholas Braun (Cameron) and I can say that without being gross, because he is 21 years old. Yup. 21!!! Holla!!


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