Thursday, April 15, 2010

Polaroid PoGo over this camera. I want it so bad. Oh, and believe me, I will get my hands on one! ;) I think the invention of the Polaroid instant camera was brilliant, obviously, but this is 2010, and who wants to carry a huge camera around in their purse? Not me! But of course they took care of that problem and now they bring us Polaroid PoGo. Let's just say it's freakin' genius. It small and sleek, and you can print out pictures instantly, right out of the camera itself. The pictures aren't big, but they're not too small. And the camera is selling for $49.99 at most retailers. I can't wait to get one, I'll share the pictures once I get it, so you can see the quality and maybe get yourself one too!! And we'll all be so cool.

xoxo e.m.

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