Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh, Archie!

I used to read Archie comics religiously as a kid. This boy in fifth grade found out how much I loved the comic, so he started bringing me a new copy every chance he got. Sadly, it never worked out between us. Me and the boy, not me and Archie!

When it came to Betty and Veronica I was always a Betty, but I still had a soft spot for the spoiled Veronica. Actually, Veronica is my all time favorite name, that's possibly why I actually liked her character! Each time I see the comics at the check out stand at a grocery store, I no longer beg my mom for it (I am 22, that would be weird), in fact, I don't even buy it for myself. Boo. I really should get back into reading it, I really enjoyed it! And, it seems they are really with the times now.

Apparently they are now adding a new character... who happens to be gay. But they're not making a big deal that he's gay, all the other characters aren't bothered by it, nor do they press the issue. Well, except that before most of everyone finds out, Veronica falls for him. Ha, honey, don't go down that road. I've been there, it'll only end in heartbreak, and his boyfriend punching you in the face.

So, if you're awesome--as in, not a discriminating asshole, then you should check it out, like I'm thinking of doing. Here's a sneak peek bitches.

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