Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What's not to love about this promo for The Vampire Diaries? I love it- "Connected to her mother by blood, not love." (Aren't most dysfunctional families like that? Ha!). It just sounds so frickin' intense.

If you're a fan of this tasty (get it?) show, then you know what this spells out. Drama. Suspense. Shockers. Oh, my!

Isobel (Elena's mom) is showing up to Mystic Falls on April 29th. Now that we know when Elena's (sure to be crazy bitch of a mother) is showing up, question now is, when the heck is Kathrine coming to town?

[Side note: The casting director did a brilliant job, right? They really do look like they could be mother and daughter.]


image via www.eonline.com


  1. i love that show!! my bf even loves it if he misses an episode and cant watch it on our DVR he just watches it on his phone at work... its funny but good cuz then i dont have to force him to watch it with me xD

  2. hahah. That's funny! Me and my brother always watch it together. If one of us can't watch it we just wait, but it sucks having to wait to watch it, it's sooo freakin' good! lol.