Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday: Website OTW

This is my first official OTW post. (OTW: Of The Week). And I need to post this soon, because Monday is over in a little over 20 minutes as I am writing this. Oops, procrastinator alert!

Monday is going to be Website Of The Week!!!! Obviously if I'm blogging you must assume at least two things. Number one being that I'm awesome. Okay, that's not really one of the two things, but you know you think I'm awesome.

Okay, for reals yo, two things you must assume about a blogger. One: They love to write! Two: They very much enjoy the internet! So, of course my first OTW is going to be favorite websites. And I have a lot of them (although, I always get bored after a few hours... hmmm...).

Let's get started, shall we?

Website of the week is:Justify Full(cue dramatic music)

No, not Facebook... FAILBOOK. It brings together facebook, comedy, and lots of idiots into one awesome site. Unfortunately they block out all names, so we cannot search for these dumb asses and tell them how challanged they are. Boo.

Besides that sad downfall, it really is quite entertaining. In fact, it can make me procrastinate for a very long time. Yes, I blame my procrastination on the internet. Damn you internet and your millions upon millions of pointless websites that wastes much more of my time than I should allow. Waahhh.

Moving on. You must check out this website. Then post all the hillarousness (I know it's not a word, especially because I see a red underline beneath it) you find onto your facebook. It will get you through your boredom and through those hours and hours of putting off more important things. Don't worry, I won't tell.


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