Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's ALL about YOU!

image via www.allyou.com
I'm a sucker for any kind of magazine. Gossip, Crafts, Womens, fitness, and so on. And lucky me, I recently discovered a new magazine, called All You. It has recipes, organization tips, DIY ideas, fitness tips, shopping on a budget articles, and really great items and websites within the magazine. Also, almost every single advertisement came with a coupon, and they're actually coupons for things you need or want! It even has Tip Strips that you can cut out and keep with you, a monthly menu planner, and great prizes you can win (link to website). Their website http://www.allyou.com is really helpful as well, so be sure to take a peek at their web-page soon. And next time you see a All You magazine at the check-out stand don't forget to give it a chance. Just because it doesn't have a celebrity on the cover doesn't mean it's not a good magazine!


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