Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Video OTW

This week is super special because it's the first week I'm doing my OTW's!!! Monday was Website OTW and Tuesday was Song OTW, so if you missed out on those, check 'em out!

I've decided that Wednesdays are going to be Video of the week, and to kick off the first ever video, I found an amazing video of someone who is so freakin' talented. Yes, I am totally jealous of this girl. This girl who is five years YOUNGER than me. So. Not. Fair! But, all is well, because even though I am not her *sigh* I can still enjoy the talent she shares with the world :)

The Video OTW is:

Demi Lovato's cover of Christina Aguilera's Mercy on Me

How adorable is it when she says she's going to mess up in the beginning of the video? Pssh, with a voice like that, I'd be shocked to all hell if she messed up.

I'm not going to lie, I was surprised that she has the vocal range of Christina and pulled off that song. I think what happens is that I put Christina on this extremely high pedestal assuming no one can truly sing like her. But, holy crow, here comes Demi Lovato with a vocal range that can match Christina freakin' Aguilera's! Insanity I say!

If you don't believe the words I'm writing, then watch this video. Then afterward, listen to the original by Aguilera herself. Now, this isn't the best quality video, probably because there was no mic, so it's a little hard to hear the quieter parts of the vocal, but those high notes--- damnnnn girl. I also saw a video someone put together of live performances by both of these artists, showing them hitting the same notes, and it was pretty amazing. YouTube it if you still need further proof.

And while you're on YouTube, check out more of Demi's live performances. She may be a Disney star, but she is a true performer and artist! Of course Christina is way more seasoned in the industry and has more hits then Demi could hope for at this stage of her own career. But at 17 and with that voice, it's evident that she has a very long successful career ahead of her.

Check out her acting chops on the Disney Channel, Sunday nights, on Sonny with a Chance. (She's really quite funny) And, she has a guest appearance on Greys Anatomy very soon, (I'm not sure of the date yet) but I can say I am so stoked for her episode. Plus, she's playing a schizophrenic, which is a whole lot different than her character Sonny. If she pulls off this role, then there won't be anything this girl can't do. (Yea, I already said it, but I'll say it again-- I am sooo jealous!)


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