Sunday, March 10, 2013

Little Miss Funny Turned Little Miss Crazy

All That. The Amanda Show. Big Fat Liar. What A Girl Wants. What I Like About You. She's The Man. Sydney White. Easy A. I grew up with Amanda Bynes, watching her in shows and movies and laughing at how kooky hilarious she is. Which makes it even harder to see her turn a bit cray-cray. Hard to blame her though, we see this all the time; Britney, Lindsay, and so on. We all wish for fame, but it seems that growing up in the business can really take a toll on a person. Even someone who seemed to have it all together. In the last couple of years she's had two hit-and-runs and a DUI as well as being known to post some crazy shiz on her Twitter account. Recently she's pierced her cheeks, got super tan, and is packing on the make-up. Now I'm all for being who you are and  I love piercings and tattoos, but it all seems a bit much to me and way out of character. She's almost 27, it's not like she grew up and changed AS she grew, like Miley Cyrus. No, this is a legit adult who seems to be having a mid-twenties crisis. 

Bynes hasn't been in a movie or a television show in almost three years, Easy A being the last film she did in which she didn't even star. Here's to hoping she gets the help she so obviously needs and is able to work again. I miss her random and quirky sense of humor. 

Elle Marie

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