Saturday, March 2, 2013

Boo Hoo. Valentine's Day is a Fake Holiday!

This may seem a little late, being that it is March 2nd. However, I actually posted this on my facebook a day or so before Valentine's Day; and have decided to share it on my blog as well.

A part of me always secretly wishes (well, not so secretly now) that someone will send me flowers or get me a card or do something romantic for me, but I know it's not all about those things. One day I will get those things and be loved unconditionally and all that romantic crap. Until then, I don't mind spreading love to others, because everyone deserves it.

Here's my take on the romantic holiday.

Valentine's Day Haters say:“This is just a day created by Hallmark and businesses alike to get a ton of money.”

I say: There are more ways to show someone you care without buying the traditional chocolate, Hallmark card, teddy bear, jewelry, etc. Make your loved one breakfast in bed. MAKE a card or present; like the always classic “coupon book”. Go on a picnic. Spend the day watching sappy love movies. Be thoughtful. If you dislike the fact that businesses make a ton of money on a day that’s “not even a holiday” or a “stupid holiday” or blah, blah, blah, then do something creative and different and still protest traditional Valentine’s Day things.

Valentine’s Day Haters say: “You should tell/show people you love them every day, not just one day of the year.”

I say: Yes YOU SHOULD! But do you? Probably not. Really, you should tell people you love them every day, and show them in special ways whenever you get the chance. But Valentine’s Day is a day where you can tell someone all the reasons you love them and make them feel even more special. Take time out of your busy schedule and surprise someone. Have fun. Be extra romantic; all without being considered corny. It’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone’s corny!

Valentine’s Day Haters Say: “Well, what about the people that don’t have a significant other?”

I say: I haven’t had a boyfriend ON Valentine’s Day EVER. Like, ever, ever, ever. But I still adore Valentine’s Day. It’s such a sweet holiday. To celebrate, I do things to show my friends and family how much I care. Sometimes I’ll decorate my moms’ kitchen with hearts and pink and red table clothes and so on and so on. I get her and my step-dad little presents and candy. Sometimes I give them random gifts that have nothing to do with love or Valentine’s Day at all; something that shows my thoughtfulness. I even make homemade treats when I can. I make little gift bags for friends, co-workers, and other family members. It’s fun, I love seeing people happy. Everyone deserves to be shown love; even if it’s just from a friend, co-worker, or sibling. You’re never fully alone, even if you’re not dating someone. And you don’t always have to receive something to feel loved. Don’t spend the day being upset you don’t have a “Valentine”, instead spend the day showing love to those you care about, because the people you love – friends and family – they love you too, and that’s reason enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Haters Say: “I don’t have money to spend anyways on such a ridiculous holiday”.

I say: This year I literally have $3 in my wallet. I’ll probably make decorations by hand; and I have some old Valentine’s cards that I never got around to using. I’ll give them to my Mom and Step-Dad, but what I write inside and the words I say are more important than the fact that I have disposable cards for different holidays. Money isn't everything. I mean, not all the time. I know on most days, having a ton of money would really help my broke-ass out. But on a day that’s meant to express love, you don’t necessarily need money. And those who really care about you will know that you put an effort and they’ll understand that you didn't have the money to do anything extravagant. Even a nice little text or an e-card to someone who isn't nearby, can be really sweet. I like to find something with humor that fits me and the person I’m sending it to. So they know that I actually thought about what I sent them. Or the fact that someone sends me a text on any holiday, even Valentine’s Day, is sweet because I know that I crossed there mind.

Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic or maybe too sentimental, but Valentine’s Day shouldn't be “hated” . . . yet so many people express their dislike for the day with such passion! It actually saddens me somewhat to hear people complain. If, no matter what, you just cannot stand Valentine’s Day, then at least let others enjoy it in peace. Why be so angry and upset and argumentative when others are just trying to love?

Don’t hate. Appreciate!

Elle Marie

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