Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Save The Date

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Oh, Christina- The voice, the lyrics, the music, the videos, how I've missed you so! Never to disappoint, Christina Aguilera's new album is sure to satisfy true music fanatics. Talent is talent, and Christina has proven again and again that she is one of the most talented entertainers in the business. And, thank the heavens above, after 4 years, Christina is releasing a brand new, full album, Bionic.

She's always changing, but yet stays true to herself. From her self titled freshman album to her greatest hits album (it did have new songs, so of course I've included it) she has showcased her amazing vocal range and her amazing lyrical skills. Yes, Genie in a Bottle was so pop it hurts, but she's proven that she can do anything. She's one of the lucky artists who was able to grow and take control of the songs she wanted to record and release. And through all the controversy over the years, she never stopped doing what she loved and what she felt was right for her.

Although Stripped is my favorite albums from Christina, and I don't see her outdoing the genius that was Stripped with the direction she seems to be going, I know that I will love her album either way. If you're a huge fan like I am, and like to support the artists you honestly believe in, get the album Bionic when it drops June 8, 2010!


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