Friday, April 16, 2010


After watching the preview for Kick Ass on television, most people write it off as another spoof about superheroes. I know I did. But after watching the red band trailer, it's obvious Kick-Ass is nothing like "Superhero Movie" or any other lame spoof. This movie is action first, comedy second. I'm not saying that this movie isn't funny, because it really is, and perfect comedic timing by the whole cast. But the action was freakin' incredible. Everyone was fully convincing in their characters, especially Mindy- aka - Hit Girl, who kicked the most ass out of any of the superheroes. And Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) was so awesome! Another actor I'm not a huge fan of that really impressed me, (like Jude Law in Repo Men).

Kick-Ass may be the main hero, but he is such a pus*y. That's saying a lot because I hate that word, and rarely ever use it! But I think that's what made him so great and likable, and, even, slightly realistic. Mindy was trained to be a bad-ass, so it's understandable why she's so good at killing. Even though Kick-Ass has some sweet moves, it never seemed like he knew what he was doing, because he never really did.

I love action movies that literally have you on the edge of your seat during the fighting scenes. This movie almost had me falling over in awe and suspense. There's a lot of blood, but just like Repo Men, it's the kind of blood, killing, and violence I dig. It doesn't really gross me out, but makes me say "Oh sh*t!" and "hell yea!".

I watch a heck of a lot of movies and recently I have not been disappointed. Kick-Ass is another must see! It's not a spoof. It's not PG 13. It IS NOT a kids movie!

PS. I read that it's actually a real comic! (Don't hate because I didn't know that prior to watching the movie!).

Here's the red band trailer featuring Hit Girl. It's some of my favorite scene's from the movie!


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