Sunday, April 18, 2010

Uh-Oh Jane Green!

Jane Green is one of my favorite authors. Jemima J and Switching Lives were absolutely fabulous. In fact, you should read those books as soon as you can (especially Jemima J!!!). However, I was quite disappointed in her novel Straight Talking.

It's one of those books that was hard to get into, but once I was so far into the book, I just had to finish. Most books make me think about them long after, and if they're really good, I suggest that all my friends read them. But when it comes to Straight Talking I'd suggest saving your time and money. It's definitely not the worst book I've ever read, and I guess I can honestly say it was somewhat enjoyable. But is that what you want when you read a book? To finish it and think "eh, that was... okay"?

Maybe my standards were too high because I just love her other books, but, that's the point right? When you find an author you like, you expect all their books to be written with the same kind of feeling. To be entranced just like you have before. And I just wasn't. In fact, had I read this book before some of her others, I wouldn't even have bothered picking up another one of her books.

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Tash, the leading lady of Straight Talking was not only stuck-up, but not at all relatable. What's funny about it especially, is that Tash talks directly to the reader and says, quite often, things like "Don't judge me, you know you 'd do it too". Which is supposed to make you feel like, yes, I do that too, I relate to you. But, it makes her come off as a bitch. And don't get me started at the way she talks about her friends. It's unbelievable. She says she loves them dearly, but I just can't get over the fact that she does talk a lot of mad shiz about them.

And the way she treats the lead male, Adam, is horrendous. (SPOILER)---How Adam could take her back and still love her after she cheated on him and treated him, is beyond me. Also, she's kind of a skank. I mean, yea, we females may sleep around at times, but she does it in a very slutty way, not a (again) "relatable" way. The fact that she is going to keep that huge lie from Adam for the rest of their relationship, is despicable.

After a book ends and it's the happy ever after kind of end, I usually assume that they (duh) live happily ever after. Not with Straight Talking. I am going to assume that Adam eventually finds out about stupid slutty Tasha and breaks up with her and all her friends leave her in the dust because, really, they're better off without her. Mwuahahaha <---evil laugh.


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