Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's all about love...

I'm really enjoying the fact that, down to it's core, Lost is all about LOVE. How cute, right? But what I really like is the fact that even though it's a "love story" it's still so hardcore and badass. I mean, BOOM, there goes Ilana. Literally, boom! That's what she gets for throwing that dynamite around like the idiot she is.

Surprise of the night, Jack said something that actually made me laugh (shocker!) "Maybe she (Ilana) died to show us to stay away from the dynamite". But you'd think they'd all learned that a long time ago. Oh, those Losties!

We finally learn what the whispers are... guess the writers aren't keeping EVERYTHING a question till the end. I think it's brilliant that the voices are people that are stuck there, for the things they have done. Almost like it's their version of Hell. I also like that everyone can hear them. Also, I enjoyed Locke explaining how the well got there, another question answered. The writers may have answered one question (maybe one that we could have lived without) but they gave us another question... or at least myself. He says it's not the only well. So where are the other wells, and what significance do they have? Hmmm...

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And, holy crap! (Spoiler!) Desmond ran over Locke! How insane was that? And Ben, so adorable and nice in the sideways world (gosh, I love him), making sure there aren't any creepers watching the kids!

I read that some people believe Desmond ran over John because it's the only way to get him to "remember" the alternate/island life. He doesn't have a love on the island or a "constant" so a near death experience is the only way for him to see this. Makes you think that look in his eyes at the end of the show wasn't pain, but the look of remembering something in shock, right? I'm thinking that could be the reason he did that, because Desmond is not a bad guy at all.

The best part of the show, Libby and Hurley finally getting their picnic date on the beach. That was beyond perfect. And when she kissed him and all the memories came flooding to him. Romantic!!!

I really wish the promo for next week would show more, but at the same time, I'd rather just see everything while I watch it. I can't believe the show is almost over :( I just started watching it several months ago, so I feel like I didn't get the whole Lost experience. But I'm glad I get to finish it with everyone else. It's amazing. Amazingly confusing. Ha.



  1. Desmond is my constant! I love him. I love his character. I love his accent (brotha). I love him. LOL Ben is also a fave of mine. I love LOST and i am so glad someone turned you onto it (even if it is late in the game). Wanna know what it was like for a lost viewer when Hurricane Katrina/Rita hit this area?

    We had to evacuate...took us 2 1/2 days to get to Dallas (usually a couple hours drive north). I was all hopped up on red bull and cinnamon poptarts (the only food i had in my dorm room at the time) and my main goal was to get to Dallas before Lost started at 8. Nevermind the impending doom behind us. Screw it. Let it all get washed away. As long as i dont miss lost.

    It was the season premier of season 2 (i think) where we finally get a glimpse into the hatch after a whole season of wondering what the heck it was. It was also an entire episode about Desmond. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! lol

    So yea, my Katrina/Rita evacuation story was not to run away from the hurricane, but towards Dallas where power, a bed, and prime-time TV were waiting for me. LOL talk about priorities


    Oh my gosh. That is so funny. I think I would have done the same exact thing! Lost is just THAT good!

    I'm glad I got into it late though, because I didn't have to wait every summer until it came back. It was hard enough waiting a day or two when my brother was too busy to watch a bunch of episodes. Or to go to bed and wait till the next night even. Lol.

    At first, I totally wasn't a huge Desmond fan. I think it's because I thought he wasn't going to live that long. But then he grew on me. I absolutely love him. He's my second favorite, my first favorite being Sawyer. Yum! Lol.