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Pretty Little Devils Book Review

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Don't get Pretty Little Devils confused with the amazing book series Pretty Little Liars, because honestly, it has many, many differences. Yes, they're both set in High School, there's murder in the plot, and those murderers use the same method of communicating with those they're torturing- by texts, calls, and emails. But other than that, the characters and their relationships to one another is very different, as are the plots.

Pretty Little Devils was a pretty decent read. It kept me hooked and in suspense the whole time. While reading this book I kept changing my mind as to who I believed to be the killer. I thought four different people could have been it, which makes it obvious that it's the kind of book that will keep you on your toes.

I think a few characters lacked depth, but those usually were the ones who were killed. Also, the way the teenagers spoke at times wasn't very realistic. It seems some authors just don't get how younger people talk, and that can really ruin moments in books. It can make a character, whom you start to feel could be a real person, not seem so real anymore.

Pretty Little Devils was an easy, suspenseful, and interesting book. The ending left it open for a sequel, but since the book was written in '06, and Nancy Holder is busy with many other projects, it's hard to believe there will ever be another PLD book. I find that very disappointing. It sucks when a good book ends with a cliffhanger and then there's no follow up. It would have been awesome to see the author develop the characters even more and to see what happens to the group of girls involved. 

I guess I'm just very mixed about it. Had there been a sequel or a complete closing to the story, I would have been jumping for joy over this book. But the always wondering of what the author could have written after is really irking me!

I would recommend this book to those who don't mind slight cliffhangers, because it's worth the read. Plus, if you read fast like me, it can be read in a day or two. Oh and by the way, if you've seen the movie Legacy (also known by the title of Pretty Little Devils), don't be fooled, the book and the movie are nothing alike.


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