Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wanted: Another actress please!

Wanted is one of my all time favorite movies (James McAvoy is gorgeous!). Ever since there has been talk about making Wanted 2, I've been extremely excited. I really do not like Angelina "Home-wrecker" Jolie, and as much as it pains to me to have a favorite movie staring Mrs. Homewrecker, I can say I wouldn't have minded her being in the sequel. Plus, the writers would probably come up with some really wicked way of bringing her back, and that would have been neat. However, Jolie has backed out of the project, due to scheduling difficulties. Whatever. That's cool, as long as the story is awesome and James McAvoy is kicking some major ass while looking extremely sexy, then no big deal, right? Obviously there is going to be a female lead role. Probably the love interest (duh), and this person would most likely be a strong, hard-core, confident woman. So who is in talks to be the female lead? Shoot me now, Kristin effing Stewart. Please. No. No. NO! I'm not a fan of her at all, come on, she totally ruins Twilight, and she is so freakin' ungrateful for the career Twilight has given her. They should just keep casting her in Indie films, with awkward, lip biting, stuttering characters. I honestly can not see her being a bad-ass action star. Seriously, it'd be such a joke. Agree or disagree? Can you see Kristin Stewart being a total bad-ass in a movie? Do you think she can be the Angelina Jolie of Wanted 2? The only way I'd like to see her in the next movie is if what happened to Jolie at the end of Wanted happens to Stewart in the beginning of the sequel, a bullet to the head. Ha.


  1. it's James McAvoy...and yes, he is DELISH! Plus that accent *swoon*

    I, however, am on the opposite side as you. I think K-Stew would do a good job, dont exactly think she would be the best for the job, but she is a strong, confident woman. I am, and always have been, team Jolie. lol.

    Plus all of the Wanted 2 talk is still speculation. No one has decided to make the film yet, and/or who would play Angie's replacement. I, for one, loved the first one enough that i HOPE they dont ruin it with a sequel, as is the norm in the movies today. (hey, it was good the first time, lets do it again! and maybe in 3D!!! *rolls eyes*)

  2. lmao. But I think they have a chance of doing the sequel right, even without the homewrecker. But I honest to God do not see K.Stewart being a action star. Bleh.

    And dang, I'm usually so good at getting names right, boo on me! Lol. I shall fix that.

    ps. Weird, some things we actually don't agree on. Shock! haha

  3. Wow..K-Stew is such a crappy actor.. I would rather have Carrot Top play the leading actress over her. At least he'd be grateful for the opportunity.

    Wanted 2 will probably be sweet...hopefully...we'll see but the first one kicked some major anus. And I will punch that K-hoe in the face if she gets picked up for that movie.