Monday, April 12, 2010


Gossip Girl is one of the naughtiest shows I've ever seen on a channel that wasn't HBO or Showtime, and I like it! ;) The CW has some of the best shows ever, they're so dramatic, so... jaw dropping!

Anyways, tonight's episode was delicious. It would have been a little better with a few more up-close shots of Chase Crawford- he's just so pretty. Maybe too pretty. I think his character, Nate, should totally be with Jenny... if she wasn't 16.

I also think Serena's mom has an illness and is too afraid to tell Rufus. Who's with me on that? I don't know why she would be with Serena's dad in a hotel, but I highly doubt she's cheating on Rufus.

The scene where Blair tells Chuck that at least they'll have each other in Hell was insanely sad. But, God, are they good together or what? What Chuck did last week was unforgivable, but I'm sure eventually they'll work it out. I mean, Gossip Girl is truly a Blair and Chuck show!!

Next weeks episode looks great for Nate and Jenny. Even though they insinuate that they are going to sleep together, I highly doubt that will happen. But it would be perfect for Jenny to lose it to someone like Nate, whom she obviously loves.

But who loses their virginity to someone they actually love? You never know though, it is a TV show ;)


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