Sunday, March 31, 2013


One of my all-time favorite movies is Kick-Ass. I loved it so much, I saw it three times in the theater alone! It's action packed, bad-ass, funny as hell, and has an amazing cast. I've been hearing news about Kick-Ass 2 for awhile now, but it felt like it was never going to happen. Then, recently, news broke --- the official trailer has been released! GASP!

This time around, Jim Carrey is joining the cast, along side a now older and, if you can imagine, a more mature Chloe Grace Moretz, a very buffed out Aaron Johnson, and the now super revengeful Christopher Minz-Plasse who has a new name: Mother Fucker. 

I'm so stoked for this! Check out the trailer below! 

Cinder: The Lunar Chronicles

The first book in The Lunar Chronicles, Cinder, was a brilliant first novel by Marissa Meyer. After forcing myself through the first chapter, which wasn't exactly intriguing, (although, it could be that I just finished another book prior to starting this one, and have a hard time focusing on a new story line so soon), I ended up getting sucked right into the world of New Beijing, set far into the future, where the world is filled with Androids and humans who are half-android, including the main character, named Cinder. There's a plague that is killing people in all the countries, that was transmitted unknowingly by Lunar escapees from the Moon.

The story has a lot of Cinderella qualities . . . Cinder has an evil step-mother and sister, she's not allowed to attend the ball, she works and cleans for her step-mother and has a dead father, who is actually her adoptive father. Other than a few details here and there, it's actually quite different than the classic story of Cinderella. 

To me, some parts were quite predictable, but what's great is the fact that it's still a really amazingly written book. Even though I knew some parts of the story, the way it was told made me keep reading and reading. Marissa Meyer's did such a wonderful job making readers FEEL for Cinder. My heart cringed every time she interacted with her "family", it was written so believably yet it's hard to believe some people are so cruel (yet people are.)

The love story is really good too, however I would have liked it if Cinder flirted with Prince Kai a bit more, I found her a bit stand-offish a lot of times when they interacted. I understand why, but she could have been softer with him.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Cinder and am excited to read the rest of The Lunar Chronicles, especially because Meyer's wrote the ending spectacularly. Keep checking my blog for future reviews on the rest of series!

Elle Marie

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Little Miss Funny Turned Little Miss Crazy

All That. The Amanda Show. Big Fat Liar. What A Girl Wants. What I Like About You. She's The Man. Sydney White. Easy A. I grew up with Amanda Bynes, watching her in shows and movies and laughing at how kooky hilarious she is. Which makes it even harder to see her turn a bit cray-cray. Hard to blame her though, we see this all the time; Britney, Lindsay, and so on. We all wish for fame, but it seems that growing up in the business can really take a toll on a person. Even someone who seemed to have it all together. In the last couple of years she's had two hit-and-runs and a DUI as well as being known to post some crazy shiz on her Twitter account. Recently she's pierced her cheeks, got super tan, and is packing on the make-up. Now I'm all for being who you are and  I love piercings and tattoos, but it all seems a bit much to me and way out of character. She's almost 27, it's not like she grew up and changed AS she grew, like Miley Cyrus. No, this is a legit adult who seems to be having a mid-twenties crisis. 

Bynes hasn't been in a movie or a television show in almost three years, Easy A being the last film she did in which she didn't even star. Here's to hoping she gets the help she so obviously needs and is able to work again. I miss her random and quirky sense of humor. 

Elle Marie

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dead Man Down Movie Review - Guest Writer Matt Lowe

Remember that awesome movie The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Original) that was directed by the Danish director Niels Arden Oplev? Well, Niels has decided to grace us with his first American film, Dead Man Down. Many of you who follow me know I was lucky enough to attend the Hollywood premiere with Nev (Catfish: The TV Show) and another friend of mine. Before the film started Niels gave a little speech explaining the hard work and dedication that was invested into this film. I think that alone always helps me judge movies a little less knowing all the busy people that made it possible. It was also very cool to meet Oplev's children, some of the actors and some new friends at the after party.

Now on to the Lowe Down on Dead Man Down. First off I would like to note the amazing talent that was brought together for this movie. It stars Colin Farrell (Total Recall), Noomi Rapace (Prometheus), Dominic Cooper (Mama Mia), and the one and only bad-ass Terrence Howard (Hustle & Flow)! The vast array of talent behind the scenes and on camera is remarkable!

Noomi as Beatrice
So I'd like to go into high detail about the movie plot but the trailer will be posted below to get your mouths watering. I feel like the plot of this movie is very articulate and amazingly written. I'm willing to admit that I'm not smart enough to explain the plot without giving too many things away. I will say that this movie was directed and filmed with style and flowed graciously. From the opening scene of the movie until the end you are captivated and at the edge of your seat wondering what will happen with Farrell's character, Victor, who slowly reveals his plan for revenge throughout the film.

Among the blazing gun battles and body count you find a very realistic on screen chemistry between Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace. Don't fear, it's definitely not the same romance you would expect and I think the same goes for the plot of this movie overall. I enjoyed Dead Man Down for it's simple scenes as well and the realism of the life of each character.

At the Dead Man Down red carpet premier with Nev S.
On top of all that you can't go wrong with having Terrence Howard in your first American Blockbuster. His delivery and passion really shows through each character he portrays.

The only thing I would change is the fact that Niels Arden Oplev doesn't use Trent Reznor's (Nine Inch Nails) fantastical skills on making all his movie scores. A prime example is the dark movie score Reznor composed for the movie The Social Network and from Niels' last movie The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Although I do believe Jacob Groth did an excellent job composing the soundtrack.

Please make sure to check out Dead Man Down when it premieres everywhere this Friday. See movie times and buy tickets on Fandango today!

Written By:
Matt Lowe
(Check out "The Writers Tab" at the top of the page for more info on Matt)

Stoked for Love

Reality matchmaking shows are not my thing. I tried The Bachelor but I just couldn't get into it. I believe a handful of contestants on dating shows actually want love, but more often than not, they're just wanting fame. 

Lately previews for Ready For Love have been all over TV and the first thing that caught my attention was that the featured lead singer of one of my all time favorite bands Plain White T's, Tim Lopez,  (sang lead on Rhythm Of Love) will be searching for the one on this new NBC dating show.

The second part that caught my attention is how real it seems to be. In one preview producer Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) talks about why this show is different. The reason it's different is that they hired the top three matchmakers in the country versus hiring casting agents like other shows. I think that's amazing because they're not casting "parts", like who's going to be the "drama queen" or "America's sweetheart". 

Basically, I'm super stoked for Ready For Love, it looks romantic, sweet, and most importantly, REAL. Although, since my brother was on Catfish: The TV Show and I saw a lot of stuff behind the scenes, I also realize that reality television is never what it seems. For a deeper look into this upcoming series, watch the video below.

My Dream Ten

Do you agree? Who are your choices? And why are Zoanette (Crazy) and Curtis (Weirdo) so . . .ewwww?? 

Sound off in the comments. And come back later for my thoughts on who REALLY made it in the top 20.

Elle Marie

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Be Happy, On Purpose?

Easier said than done. I can honestly say I've had a lot of happiness in my life. A lot of laughter and friendship and good times. However, I've had far more pain and heartache and unfairness. If you know the real me, you have some kind of grasp on why I feel the way I feel. Lately I've been in a hole. It's so dark and so deep that I feel like I'll never, ever get out. But I take little steps to lift me slowly up. I talk more to my friends, open up to my family, and tell myself certain things to change how my mind thinks.

Many months ago I came across an article "10 Ways To Be Happy, On Purpose" and it gave me something to focus on. I wrote down each step and posted it by my mirror because when I look in the mirror -- I can really, truly sink. A mirror is supposed to help me get ready for the day, to see what my outfit looks like, use it to put my make-up on, the usual normal uses. But the mirror can be so much more. When you're in an abyss of absolute nothingness, looking into a mirror could be like looking into your soul. You see all the pain and hurt and bad on the outside AND in the inside. To hate how you look on the outside and hate who you are in the inside will make looking in a mirror difficult. Maybe it's silly, if you haven't been there. But once you have, these words make absolute sense. So these words, these 10 ways to be happy, is a reminder to myself that I can be happy, maybe, one day, if I truly try. And if I catch myself drowning, I look at the list as if it could save my life. Maybe it can?

Sometimes all a person needs is something to focus on in the future and to stop dwelling in the past. This list is a good "future" list. What to do in the now and how to think for the future. If you click on the link above, it'll take you to the article which give some amazing quotes and more details on how to obtain these 10 ways to be happy. Also, the site itself, Pick The Brain, is a fantastic site for self-improvement. If you're feeling down or want to find ways to improve parts of your life, definitely take a gander at the site.

10 Ways To Be Happy On Purpose

1. Know yourself. 
2. Discover your idealized self and start working towards that.
3. Be authentic. 
4. Understand that you can only control yourself. 
5. Achieve balance in all things. 
6. Learn to let go. 
7. Give yourself meaning and actively seek inspiration. 
8. Focus on the positive. 
9. Surround yourself with like-minded people. 
10. Keep going!

Poor as a Motha'fuck

This video isn't saying that people who work hard don't deserve to be wealthy if they earned it or that poor people who don't work hard should get a better percentage of the wealth distribution; it's saying that it is unfair how it is distributed; especially if you ARE an average hardworking person. "One percent of America has 40% of all the Nation's wealth?" INSANE! "The average worker (not the lowest paid employee, but AVERAGE) needs to work over a month to earn what the CEO (1%) makes in one HOUR." Nuts! No person works THAT MUCH HARDER than a day to day person who isn't slacking off. 

High School: Me & Brittany. When we were part of the 1%. HA!
Maybe it's easy for me to be upset because I am poor as a motha'fuck. But I think, if I was in the 1% with the mind and soul I have, I wouldn't be okay with this kind of distribution. Tell me why someone needs to be a billionaire while others are suffering so much? Then have the right to bitch and moan that people are upset about how much money they have? How do they not feel guilty when the facts are so clear?

I'm not trying to start a debate or talk politics, because we all know celebrities, music, and movies are more my forte, lol. But I just find this very interesting. Worth the (less than) 7 minutes to watch.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh, heavenly voice. Fans, REJOICE!

Yes, I went there. This girl has one of the most talented voices in the business. Now add that beautiful voice with talented writing AND a soul so tortured -- and you get Demi Lovato. 

Lovato can pump out hits like Give Your Heart A Break, just like a pop star should. But what makes her likable and real, is the passion in her voice. Not everyone can put their pain into the recording studio. In songs like Skyscraper, you can literally feel her soul. If you can't, well . . . you probably don't have a soul.

She's a motivational, gorgeous, and talented lady who's coming out with a new album soon. In the midst of the buzz around that new album she has officially released her first single, Heart Attack. With the single, she has also released a Lyrics Video. Floating all around the lyrics in the YouTube video, which has already had 3.6 million + views after just coming out today, are popular tags from Lovatics (affectionate name of Demi's fans) twitter posts. She's one of the few entertainers that really make her fans feel like they're apart of her and her journey, as evident from her tweets and the lyrics video.

The first verse of Heart Attack doesn't seem like Demi's typical writing, which may be due to the fact that quite a few people co-wrote the song along with her. However, once the chorus hits, the song is MAGIC. Her voice soars, while still being radio ready. The writing get's better as the song goes along as well. As I read and listened to the lyrics, I automatically started feeling it and getting memories of a guy who the song reminded me of. This song is clearly a very good insight into what an amazing album she has created and I cannot wait to hear the rest of her songs.

Check out the song below and tell me your thoughts in the comments section! 

Elle Marie

Now You Don't

L to R: Isla Fisher, Jessie Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Dave Franco
So what do all these fine actors have in common? A bad-ass looking movie called Now You See It! It looks all kinds of intense and mysterious. And with all these comedic actors, you know it's going to be quiet hilarious. Can't wait to see this movie, luckily I finally got a job - besides sitting on the computer all day - and can afford to go to movies; and therefore I'll start writing more reviews of movies! Exciting, I know.

Now You See It also stars some other pretty big names, Isla Fisher, Common, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman. Check out the trailer below.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Boo Hoo. Valentine's Day is a Fake Holiday!

This may seem a little late, being that it is March 2nd. However, I actually posted this on my facebook a day or so before Valentine's Day; and have decided to share it on my blog as well.

A part of me always secretly wishes (well, not so secretly now) that someone will send me flowers or get me a card or do something romantic for me, but I know it's not all about those things. One day I will get those things and be loved unconditionally and all that romantic crap. Until then, I don't mind spreading love to others, because everyone deserves it.

Here's my take on the romantic holiday.

Valentine's Day Haters say:“This is just a day created by Hallmark and businesses alike to get a ton of money.”

I say: There are more ways to show someone you care without buying the traditional chocolate, Hallmark card, teddy bear, jewelry, etc. Make your loved one breakfast in bed. MAKE a card or present; like the always classic “coupon book”. Go on a picnic. Spend the day watching sappy love movies. Be thoughtful. If you dislike the fact that businesses make a ton of money on a day that’s “not even a holiday” or a “stupid holiday” or blah, blah, blah, then do something creative and different and still protest traditional Valentine’s Day things.

Valentine’s Day Haters say: “You should tell/show people you love them every day, not just one day of the year.”

I say: Yes YOU SHOULD! But do you? Probably not. Really, you should tell people you love them every day, and show them in special ways whenever you get the chance. But Valentine’s Day is a day where you can tell someone all the reasons you love them and make them feel even more special. Take time out of your busy schedule and surprise someone. Have fun. Be extra romantic; all without being considered corny. It’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone’s corny!

Valentine’s Day Haters Say: “Well, what about the people that don’t have a significant other?”

I say: I haven’t had a boyfriend ON Valentine’s Day EVER. Like, ever, ever, ever. But I still adore Valentine’s Day. It’s such a sweet holiday. To celebrate, I do things to show my friends and family how much I care. Sometimes I’ll decorate my moms’ kitchen with hearts and pink and red table clothes and so on and so on. I get her and my step-dad little presents and candy. Sometimes I give them random gifts that have nothing to do with love or Valentine’s Day at all; something that shows my thoughtfulness. I even make homemade treats when I can. I make little gift bags for friends, co-workers, and other family members. It’s fun, I love seeing people happy. Everyone deserves to be shown love; even if it’s just from a friend, co-worker, or sibling. You’re never fully alone, even if you’re not dating someone. And you don’t always have to receive something to feel loved. Don’t spend the day being upset you don’t have a “Valentine”, instead spend the day showing love to those you care about, because the people you love – friends and family – they love you too, and that’s reason enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Haters Say: “I don’t have money to spend anyways on such a ridiculous holiday”.

I say: This year I literally have $3 in my wallet. I’ll probably make decorations by hand; and I have some old Valentine’s cards that I never got around to using. I’ll give them to my Mom and Step-Dad, but what I write inside and the words I say are more important than the fact that I have disposable cards for different holidays. Money isn't everything. I mean, not all the time. I know on most days, having a ton of money would really help my broke-ass out. But on a day that’s meant to express love, you don’t necessarily need money. And those who really care about you will know that you put an effort and they’ll understand that you didn't have the money to do anything extravagant. Even a nice little text or an e-card to someone who isn't nearby, can be really sweet. I like to find something with humor that fits me and the person I’m sending it to. So they know that I actually thought about what I sent them. Or the fact that someone sends me a text on any holiday, even Valentine’s Day, is sweet because I know that I crossed there mind.

Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic or maybe too sentimental, but Valentine’s Day shouldn't be “hated” . . . yet so many people express their dislike for the day with such passion! It actually saddens me somewhat to hear people complain. If, no matter what, you just cannot stand Valentine’s Day, then at least let others enjoy it in peace. Why be so angry and upset and argumentative when others are just trying to love?

Don’t hate. Appreciate!

Elle Marie

Friday, March 1, 2013


No, not the drink. The tape. ha. I have terribly unsteady hands when I use liquid eyeliner, so I never use it, even though I have multiple liquid eyeliners. GASP, what a waste of good make-up I know.

When I do Cat Eyes I use pencil eyeliner, but it does not look as good. Finally I GTS (Googled That Shit) and found an awesome YouTube video (below) by an adorable woman on how to do Cat Eyes using TAPE! I've seen it on Pinterest, but have never watched a tutorial. It's fast and easy for those of us with unsteady hands! Cha-Cha-Checckkk it out! It's less than 2 minutes. You got time fo' dat!

Elle Marie