Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh, heavenly voice. Fans, REJOICE!

Yes, I went there. This girl has one of the most talented voices in the business. Now add that beautiful voice with talented writing AND a soul so tortured -- and you get Demi Lovato. 

Lovato can pump out hits like Give Your Heart A Break, just like a pop star should. But what makes her likable and real, is the passion in her voice. Not everyone can put their pain into the recording studio. In songs like Skyscraper, you can literally feel her soul. If you can't, well . . . you probably don't have a soul.

She's a motivational, gorgeous, and talented lady who's coming out with a new album soon. In the midst of the buzz around that new album she has officially released her first single, Heart Attack. With the single, she has also released a Lyrics Video. Floating all around the lyrics in the YouTube video, which has already had 3.6 million + views after just coming out today, are popular tags from Lovatics (affectionate name of Demi's fans) twitter posts. She's one of the few entertainers that really make her fans feel like they're apart of her and her journey, as evident from her tweets and the lyrics video.

The first verse of Heart Attack doesn't seem like Demi's typical writing, which may be due to the fact that quite a few people co-wrote the song along with her. However, once the chorus hits, the song is MAGIC. Her voice soars, while still being radio ready. The writing get's better as the song goes along as well. As I read and listened to the lyrics, I automatically started feeling it and getting memories of a guy who the song reminded me of. This song is clearly a very good insight into what an amazing album she has created and I cannot wait to hear the rest of her songs.

Check out the song below and tell me your thoughts in the comments section! 

Elle Marie

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