Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Poor as a Motha'fuck

This video isn't saying that people who work hard don't deserve to be wealthy if they earned it or that poor people who don't work hard should get a better percentage of the wealth distribution; it's saying that it is unfair how it is distributed; especially if you ARE an average hardworking person. "One percent of America has 40% of all the Nation's wealth?" INSANE! "The average worker (not the lowest paid employee, but AVERAGE) needs to work over a month to earn what the CEO (1%) makes in one HOUR." Nuts! No person works THAT MUCH HARDER than a day to day person who isn't slacking off. 

High School: Me & Brittany. When we were part of the 1%. HA!
Maybe it's easy for me to be upset because I am poor as a motha'fuck. But I think, if I was in the 1% with the mind and soul I have, I wouldn't be okay with this kind of distribution. Tell me why someone needs to be a billionaire while others are suffering so much? Then have the right to bitch and moan that people are upset about how much money they have? How do they not feel guilty when the facts are so clear?

I'm not trying to start a debate or talk politics, because we all know celebrities, music, and movies are more my forte, lol. But I just find this very interesting. Worth the (less than) 7 minutes to watch.

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