Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cheaters Club

Welcome David Boreanaz to the Cheaters Club. You freakin' idiot. Freakin' hot, sexy, hunky, yummy idiot.

Why, oh why, do people cheat? Especially famous people. I mean, eventually everyone gets caught, but if you're famous, the chances of getting caught skyrocket. David admitted cheating on his wife, but only after being bribed by the whore he slept with. Wow, way to cheat on your wife with such a classy lady.

Apparently, the woman was the same slutty slut slut that slept with Tiger Woods. Ewww, is that how she makes her money? Sleeping with famous people and bribing them or getting paid by reporters to talk. Sad little slutty slut slut needs a real job.

The person who is cheating in any case is pretty much always the a-hole. But if the person they're cheating with knows that the person isn't single, then they are a-holes as well. And there's no way you sleep with a famous person and not know whether or not they're single. So that sluttly slut slut is totally an a-hole and a slut. (I don't call people a slut, so you know I really believe it to be calling her that. Oh snap!)

If you're not happy with who you are with then leave them and then bone other people. Cheating doesn't solve anything, and you just look like a complete ass. Even if you're totally hot and amazingly gorgeous like David Boreanaz. It's inexcusable. Tsk Tsk.


  1. Oh ANGEL why must you be a douche? A hot yumm-o douche? How I loved you so.. LOL

  2. I can't believe a famous person would even cheat...what a dumb ass. At least do it like out of the country.