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Elle Lowe
I am the creator of Love Elle Marie. I never went to school for writing; but oh, how I have a deep passion for it! From writing poetry and lyrics to writing about celebrities and movies. I'm a really open person which is why I do write personal posts as well. I want to feel a connection with my readers. Not only will you hear about the lives of celebrities, reviews of movies and music, but you will also hear about my work life, love life (or lack there of), my friends, my family, and how I feel about the most random ass things. This is a place to be entertained!! So enjoy my lovely readers! Personal Facebook Fan Page Twitter Instagram YouTube

Matt Lowe
Matt Lowe, best known for Catfish: The TV Show, resides in LA where he is pursing his dream in the entertainment business; acting, directing, video editing, writing, and meeting lots of celebrities! He's a totally normal dude with a more than outrageously cool life. You can follow many of his Social Networks: Personal Facebook Fan Page Twitter Instagram Blog YouTube

Matt Lowe's Love Elle Marie Posts: Dead Man Down Movie Review

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