Monday, April 8, 2013

Yeah, this happened.

It's been awhile since I checked up on my future husband's IMDB page. Looks like my man has been working quite a bit (no wonder he hasn't had time for me!) and will be staring in the movie The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman along side my second future husband, Shia LaBeouf. Yes, that means I have a picture of the two of them together. Get ready to drool bitches!


Okay, moving along to more fantastic news . . . Rupert Grint is shooting a pilot from the writer of Raising Hope for CBS called Super Clyde. It's a comedy about a fast food worker who decides to become a super hero. (Umm... sounds kind of like Kick-Ass.) I am so excited, CBS is working on pilots with so many actors I love dearly. They usually star in movies but to get the chance to see them more often on my television is so amazeballs.

I'm hoping, praying, and dreaming that this get's picked up, as well as The Advocates

Elle Marie

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