Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Whoaaa: Glee news

The last few days have been filled with sad and exciting news for Glee cast members. Cory Monteith, who plays Finn, has voluntarily entered into rehab. Apparently he's been popping pills, even before he became famous, and now he's fallen off the wagon. When telling my mom the news she says "no wonder his eyes are always half closed." Well, now that she mentions it . . .

In other news, Heather Morris aka, Brittany S. Pierce, is expecting her first child with her long time boyfriend. I bet she wasn't planning that! Luckily the season is wrapping up, so maybe they won't have to hide it or write it in the show, unlike Cory, who will be missing from the last two episodes of the season. (They will have an explanation for his absence.)

I guess it's a good thing they have way too many characters and now can just move story lines around to focus more on the ones who aren't prego or in rehab.

Send positive thoughts in Cory's direction; I'm hopeful he'll beat this addiction now that he's getting the help he needs!

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