Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ben and Kate

Show: Ben and Kate
Network: Fox
Time slot: Tuesdays 8:30/7:30c
Premieres: September 25th, 2012

A mature beyond her age sister, who’s a single mom to a young daughter, and an immature brother’s relationship is the basis of this new comedy coming to Fox this September staring Dakota Johnson (21 Jump Street) as Kate Fox, Nat Faxon (Bad Teacher) as Ben Fox, and Maggie Elizabeth Jones (We Bought a Zoo) as Kate’s daughter Maddie Fox. In the pilot we learn a lot and we learn it fast. Ben is really immature and comes in and out of Kate’s life whenever he pleases. Kate matured quickly after having her daughter at a young age and being left by the father to raise their kid on her own. They go somewhat into Ben and Kate’s childhood as well. There’s a handful of back and forth’s in time, to give us a clear picture of who these characters are.

Usually pilots try to fit as much back-story as they can into the initial episode so they can quickly move on to the plot and storylines. That can make for a rushed and hectic pilot. However, Ben and Kate had a fantastic first pilot. You’ll not only feel for Ben and Kate for what they’ve been through and what they go through (Ben’s ex is getting married and the guy Kate was dating turned out to be kind of a jerk), but you’ll laugh hard at how they deal with life.

Not only will you laugh at and with Ben and Kate, but they have friends that also bring some hilarity to the show. Lucy Punch (Bad teacher, Dinner for Schmucks), plays Kate’s friend BJ, who comes off as a neurotic, sexy, party girl… but in a good way. She’s redeemable because she’s funny and obviously cares about her friend. And then there’s Ben’s friend Tommy, played by Echo Kellum, who is hilarious as a guy who’s madly and obviously in love with Kate. His one liners are brilliant and he seems endearing  with his feelings for Kate.

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Bottom Line: Watch Watch Watch! It’s cutesy but filled with awesome comedy! I think a lot of people who have a sibling who they have hilarious moments with will also love this show because they know how frustrating a sibling can be but also how funny things can be. Fingers crossed this show gets the viewers and ratings it needs to stick around because I know I’ll be watching this show every week! 


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