Thursday, September 6, 2012

Animal Practice

Show: Animal Practice
Network: NBC
Time slot: Tuesdays 8/7c
Premieres: September 26th, 2012

Oh, how I had high hopes for this show. Staring Justin Kirk (Weeds) and actors I love from failed shows (that shouldn’t have failed! They were awesome!) JoAnna Garcia Swisher (Better With You, Privileged) and Tyler Labine (Reaper, Mad Love). Plus a pretty original plot and decent advertisement to boot. This show seemed to have it all. Yet I have to admit, I was very disappointed in the pilot.

Dorthy, Garcia’s character, gains control of the Animal Practice once her grandmother passes. She also happens to be the head veterinarians ex-girlfriend whom she walked out on a few years ago because he never said I love you back to her. Okay... that is a little far fetched. Maybe fight or be sad, but just walk away from a relationship because someone isn’t ready to say “I love you” yet? Crazy. So Doctor George Coleman, played by Kirk, has a little fit over her being there. They’re just too different when it comes to the care of the animals and their owners. Blah blah blah. 

The funniest (and cutest) thing about AP; "Dr"Rizzo
So much goes on in this episode. A 30 minute “comedy” (I put quotes because I laughed maybe once) and way too much stuff happens, including Doctor Coleman quiting and coming back, Dr. Doug Jackson (Labine) blabbing on about his girlfriend moving on to someone else, and random (sometimes funny) interruptions by Angela (Betsy Sodaro), and crazy antics from Dr. Yamamoto (Bobby Lee), and to pile it on, a kidnapping of a dog and argument with it’s owner. There was no time to show who these characters are or who they will be or to even give us viewers anything to root for in these people.

^Watch the Promo!^

Bottom Line: Seriously. So. Disappointed. Sad face! I honestly cannot justify myself watching it at this point, there’s so much good t.v. happening and this is not something I want to invest time in because I don’t believe it will last long. However, if it gets renewed for a second season, I may play catch-up, because sometimes shows have a bad first season and turn out to be great moving forward (Parks & Recreations for example). 

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