Thursday, May 6, 2010

Holy Shiz-Lucky B*tch

Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan officially came out as a couple at the premier of The Losers, Morgans latest movie. This isn't the most shocking part of it all, or else I would have posted about it when I found out, a week or so ago. The holy shiz news is that they had a baby! Months ago! Say what?!

They may not be the two biggest stars in Hollywood, but still, the fact that they were able to keep it a secret so long is amazing! Geeze, Hilarie Burton is one lucky bitch, because Jeffrey is hot hot hot. Maybe now that she's had a baby, she'll come out into the limelight again. Maybe make a movie or show up on One Tree Hill again (without Chad Micheal Murry). I like them both as actors, so congratulations to them. Even though I wish it was me ;)

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