Monday, January 24, 2011

Xtina decides to have some fun with Bionic

Remember back when I started this blog? Yes, before I took that long break because my life is so crazy busy (playing games on Facebook counts as a busy life right?). And I said I was going to buy Christina's Bionic album? Oh yea, I bought it... I bought the heck out of it. (Ummm... I don't know either).

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It seems Christina always has a theme with her album and she sticks to it. She tries different sounds and I can appreciate that. It's been four long years and it seems Aguilera was looking to have some fun on Bionic! The album is different from anything I've heard lately and though I enjoy most of the songs, there are a couple I could have done without.

Elastic Love and Sex For Breakfast were two songs that were just too "WTF"-ish for me. I think it's the lyrics I can't get past. I'm all about the lyrics when it comes to music and those songs are quite annoying when it comes to the words. If the lyrics were better I would actually like Elastic Love because of the beat and futuristic sound. And I would like Sex For Breakfast because it reminds me of her album Stripped. It's very soulful, her voice is beautiful, and it's naughty in a way that's not too dirty by the way she sings it. But some of the lyrics are pretty stupid---"When the morning comes, I know I will too". Really, that's the best she could do? She has plenty of naughty songs on her older albums (When You Put Your Hands on Me, Get Mine Get Yours, Nasty Naughty Boy, to name a few) and they at least had lyrics that weren't just plain retarded. Yea, I went there.

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With those negatives aside, Bionic as a whole is really great. It may take a few listens before you realize it's greatness, but once you do, you'll realize how fun it is! WooHoo, Vanity, I Hate Boys, Prima Donna, and her lead single Not Myself Tonight are good work out, dancing like a fool, or blasting/singing loudly to in the car songs. My Girls is a fun anthem for the ladies and Desnudate is another song that sounds like it came off the Stripped album, with the chorus partly in Spanish. 

The slow songs are classic Christina- where her voice really shines and is at it's best. Of all her slow songs, though they're all fantastic, I Am is just out of this world. Not only does she show a side of her voice we have yet to hear, but the lyrics are amazing. In fact, I can't stop quoting it on my Facebook. I think almost every woman can relate to the song... so basically- download it now! 

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 Her deluxe album has a few extra songs including Bobblehead which is catchy and, again, really fun! Birds of Prey is a slower tempo song, reminiscence of Madonna (Frozen). Also, Stronger Than Ever shows the side of her voice she introduced with I Am but gets intense in the chorus. It's nice that there's more than one song with that sound. And--- the last song on her deluxe album is a "stripped' version of I Am. Guess she knows which song on her album people really love! 

I think all the smack talk everyone's been doing has been quite out of hand. Christina is one of a kind and her music is fun and beautiful. People love to start drama, but ignore the haters, give the album a chance, and decide for yourself.

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