Monday, January 24, 2011

Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex wasn't a horrible movie but it wasn't awesome. It was just... eh. Some parts of the movie were just so weird. I was expecting some major bad-ass-ness, but was totally let down. 

What makes it worse is that Megan Fox was in it. I put up with Transformers because it's a good movie, despite Fox's sad acting abilities. However, once again, like Transformers, she's just eye candy. I don't understand why they even give her lines. (Don't think I'm saying this because she's beautiful and I'm a hater. I honestly think she's a bad actress (however, I did enjoy Jennifer's Body). And if you disagree, you're probably a male and blinded by her hotness--Also, she even admits to not being a good actress. Props to her for owning up.)

When I wasn't distracted by the fact that Megan Fox looks like she has botox in her face and massive lip injections, I was being disappointed with the action scenes. They seemed forced and lacked creativity. Josh Brolin and John Malkovich are way too old to fight the way they did and  actually look hardcore. This is not anything against old people, because there are some older men who totally pull off action movies. Like Forest Whitaker. He is one total bad-ass!

The best parts were when Will Arnett was on the screen. He was hilarious. But, uh, he actually wasn't supposed to be. His character was serious and didn't crack jokes. But if you've watched comedies with Arnett in it, you know he's funny by delivering his lines very seriously. So him acting a serious part that's not supposed to be funny was just that. Funny.

The parts that were comic book-ish (I'm really not sure how to word that?) were pretty sweet. And there's a brief appearance by Jeffery Dean Morgan which was nice (love him!) and surprisingly he plays a dead man. Oh wait, that's not surprising at all (more on that in a later posting.) 

Overall I enjoyed it. Not the first movie I'd want to re-watch, but it was entertaining. I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel if Megan Fox's character is either not in it or dies a painful death in the first few minutes. :)

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