Monday, January 24, 2011

It's so FLUFFY!!!!

Loved it! Great comedic cast. I had fun figuring out who was who by their voices. It was also really friggin' cute! The minions and the three little girls were too adorable. Seriously, I wish they were real. I'd want those girls as my kids (and I don't even want kids!) and I'd love to have a bunch of loyal and cute minions!

Though predictable (duh, most animated films are!) it was still very entertaining and the 3D effects were sweet! At the end of the film the minions try to see who can reach out further over an edge which was fun with 3D.  All the characters were equally funny and there were hardly moments when I wasn't laughing or at least giggling... or saying/thinking "awww... that's sooo cute!!!"

Also, the score was by Pharrell, and it was definitely different- in a good way. It had a hip-hop feel (another duh, it is Pharrell) and he did a perfect job making it suspenseful, funny, and interesting.

Despicable Me is a must see 3D film for any age!

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