Monday, January 24, 2011

Give them a chance?!

I once mentioned 10 things I love about 10 Things I Hate About You. There were many more reasons why the show was completely awesome but it only lasted two seasons, yet had so much life left in it! I can't believe ABC Family killed it! KILLED IT!  (Apparently this happened awhile ago, yet somehow I just recently found out.) There are so many great shows that don't get a chance yet shows like... The Secret Life of the American Teenager get to stick around. Seriously, that show is ridiculousy bad. Addicting, yes, but the acting and the writing? Poop I tell you, total poop!

Other shows that got canceled that breaks my friggin' heart.

The first episode of Accidentally on Purpose wasn't that good. But unlike most people/networks, I give a show a chance, because sometimes pilots rush to outline the plot and that makes the first episode (usually) not so great. But the second episode and on were incredibly funny. Laugh out loud, tell all my friends about it funny!!! I honestly cannot believe this show was canceled. Just like NBC, CBS axed a ton of their shows! Luckily A.O.P. ended nicely.

Okay, anyone who's seen Better Off Tedd knows how funny it is. They had two seasons, but that was not good enough for me. This is an example of not enough advertisment. Sometimes word of mouth is just not good enough. They constantly changed the night and time it aired and sometimes went weeks without showing an episode, which was confusing. Great cast. Awesome writing. Wtf ABC?!

I don't mind too much that they got rid of Heroes. It ran it course. I understand that. I also understand the ratings went down. But there are real fans out there (me! me! me!) who would have liked a conclusion. There are talks about a t.v. movie to wrap it up, but the chances of that happening are slim. You know why? Because Heroes is on NBC, and though they have good shows, NBC are a bunch of assholes.


Oh man, this show was so friggin' good. Here's another awesome example of a great show not getting the ratings it should because NBC doesn't advertise their shows equally. If you don't believe in a show enough to put money behind it, then don't release it. You get dedicated fans into a great show and then cancel it without giving it a real chance. It's 2010, shows need more than one season most of the time to really take flight, especially with shotty promotion. And the last episode? Don't get me started at how pissed I am. They left so many questions unanswered and had HUGE cliffhangers. Oh, this show's on NBC? How surprising!

Unfortunately I understand why Romantically Challenged got the boot. Though the rest of the cast was spectacular, Alyssa Milano couldn't hold a show on her own. Make her a supporting actress- then I think the show could have had a bigger following. It's not that I don't like her, but she didn't quite pull off her character and humor. The show as a whole though was extremely funny, and I really hope the rest of the cast get put on more successful shows in the future. Also, this show had the same problems as Better Off Ted: bad promotion and an all over the place schedule.

Just because the original characters were not on the reboot of Scrubs doesn't make Scrubs: Med School any less great. They pretty much made it a whole new show, but with some familiar faces. And they did a pretty damn good job! Med School was refreshing and genuinely funny. I actually don't understand why it didn't take off. Maybe people couldn't handle that most of the cast was gone. Sad, because there were some amazing characters and fantastic jokes. Boo ABC.


Once again, crappy promotion for this show. Proof? I couldn't even find a real promo poster for this posting. Come on! This show was great. Funny and dramatic. Lots of tension between all the characters. And lots of good looking people. I don't even think they got half way through the season before it got canceled. With cliffhangers. Boo.


And the saddest of all. Ugly Betty. Moment of silence please.

Okay, so the show had a decent run. Four seasons isn't too shabby. But shows like Supernatural get way more seasons? Please explain this to me? Ugly Betty was beyond fantastic. So funny and dramatic and moving. They broke barriers and brought something new to television. Each character was lovable and amazing. Thankfully ABC was able to wrap it all up and leave us with a happy ending. An ending that could possible turn into a movie (fingers crossed!!!). Season four was the best season yet, and Ugly Betty had potential to keep going for many seasons. I'm going to miss that UB so much! Gurr!

The two networks that aren't on this list of awesome shows that were murdered? Fox and CW. Yea they both canceled shows (CW-Melrose Place... well deserving!) but they are networks that give their shows, especially cult following shows, a real chance. The CW even renewed Life Unexpected for a second season even though it had low ratings. There's a network who stands behind the shows they put on television. They don't just throw out a billion shows and see which ones get ratings. How are shows supposed to get ratings if you have so many and pulling them out and putting new ones in without a second thought? Yea NBC I'm talking to you!!!

Back to 10 Things... I'm quite shocked they canceled it, even if season two ratings dipped a little. Instead of trying to bring those ratings up they just gave up. I'm confused because they usually give their shows a fighting chance. Well, no, Ruby and the Rockets was canceled really fast, and it was extremely funny. Hmmm... I guess they're too busy with their badly acted Secret Life. 

I'm looking forward to a great season in the fall, but also need to prepare for a lot of disappointments. If this year shows us anything, it's that most television shows don't stand a chance. 

So, are there any shows you'll be missing in the fall?

Sidenote. Though I dislike NBC very much (hello... let's not forget about Conan!) I do love a lot of their shows and am very happy they gave Chuck another chance, which I'm quite surprised made it to another season because it is very much a show with a cult following but lacking ratings...

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