Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Charlie All Night Book Review

Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie is a really great read. (The title of this book is actually the title of the radio segment that Allie produces and Charlie stars). Romance novels like this aren't usually what I go for, but I did enjoy it very much. The characters are realistic, fun, and very solid. The story line is cute and the mystery in the story actually kept me guessing. Though it's kind of naughty, it's not erotica or something. It's sexy but not wild. They don't use gross words that make me cringe, so that was a plus.

This is the kind of book I like to read in-between the science-fiction, mystery, action, thriller, and tragedy type books I read. It's like the kind of book you read to relax you mind, where you don't have to think too much, but yet you get a good read and a romantic story.

If you're into books that are about falling in love in the least expected place, then you must read Charlie All Night. There are some funny, touching, and sweet moments. You'll root for Charlie, Allie, and their friends, and you'll want to punch Allie's ex, Mark, because he's such a douche. The ending is as happy as any fairytale book ending and it will satisfy any hopelessly romantic hearts.

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