Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cinder: The Lunar Chronicles

The first book in The Lunar Chronicles, Cinder, was a brilliant first novel by Marissa Meyer. After forcing myself through the first chapter, which wasn't exactly intriguing, (although, it could be that I just finished another book prior to starting this one, and have a hard time focusing on a new story line so soon), I ended up getting sucked right into the world of New Beijing, set far into the future, where the world is filled with Androids and humans who are half-android, including the main character, named Cinder. There's a plague that is killing people in all the countries, that was transmitted unknowingly by Lunar escapees from the Moon.

The story has a lot of Cinderella qualities . . . Cinder has an evil step-mother and sister, she's not allowed to attend the ball, she works and cleans for her step-mother and has a dead father, who is actually her adoptive father. Other than a few details here and there, it's actually quite different than the classic story of Cinderella. 

To me, some parts were quite predictable, but what's great is the fact that it's still a really amazingly written book. Even though I knew some parts of the story, the way it was told made me keep reading and reading. Marissa Meyer's did such a wonderful job making readers FEEL for Cinder. My heart cringed every time she interacted with her "family", it was written so believably yet it's hard to believe some people are so cruel (yet people are.)

The love story is really good too, however I would have liked it if Cinder flirted with Prince Kai a bit more, I found her a bit stand-offish a lot of times when they interacted. I understand why, but she could have been softer with him.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Cinder and am excited to read the rest of The Lunar Chronicles, especially because Meyer's wrote the ending spectacularly. Keep checking my blog for future reviews on the rest of series!

Elle Marie

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