Friday, April 23, 2010

Lyrics by Elle OTW

I told you this blog was going to be a little bit of everything, didn't I? Mostly, it's about things I follow in the entertainment industry. Music, Television, Celebrities, Movies, and so on. But it's also about me. Those who read blogs about entertainment want to feel a connection to the writer as well (at least that's how I feel). And obviously I love to write, and I want to share that with you. That's why two out of the seven OTW's are going to be more personal. For example, Friday's will be Lyrics by Elle of the Week.

I've been writing poetry and lyrics for as far back as I can remember. I still keep all my notebooks from high school, because they have more of my lyrics/poems than notes for classes. (Yea, I didn't do so well in school...) I love to share my best lyrics with the world, but I can't sing and I can't play an instrument (Well, I did play the clarinet way back in the day). So the only way I can really share my writing with everyone is by posting it online. (and reading it to whoever who will listen!)

Every Friday I will post either some of my best lyrics or maybe some brand new lyrics. For the first one, I will post my first ever shared lyrics. This was a song I wrote in high school and the first song I even remember reading and sharing with people. It also happens to be one of my first posts on my myspace blogs. It's a little different than the original, as I grow as a writer, I learn how to make previous songs even better than they were. Check it out.

Lyrics by Elle of the Week:


You sang as you strummed your guitar
You seemed so near but yet so far

I watched your lips as words flowed out

I tried to read your mind-to see what you were thinking about

You laid down your guitar

And then held me in your arms

Now this may seem romantic as I sing these words,

But keep listening to my story-
Things don't get better,
They only get worse

It wasn't just me and you,
There was someone else too.

He strummed his guitar,

He was in his own little world,

But remembering something I said,

You said I must keep my word.
This may seem romantic as i sing these words

But keep listening to my story

Things don't get better,

They only get worse

I did what I did,
because I wanted to,

Who would've known I would fall so hard for you?

It's my own mistake-for falling for your games,

But what can I say?
I wanted to play.

Is this seeming less romantic as I sing these words?

That's because it is, as things don't get better,

They only get worse

Call me naive,
I didn't think that's all you'd want me for,

But after that night,
you don't talk to me anymore,

Tell me what that's all about?

I fell hard for you, there's no doubt.

Not the romantic story you thought I would sing

Cos in the end guys only want one thing

Yeah this isn't romantic,

No, not at all,

I'm singing this song,

As I increasingly fall.
This isn't romantic,

Not your typical love song...
I'm singing of all that's messed up,
And all that goes wrong
It's about all the mistakes-
That just happened to be made,

And about those boys who strum their guitars-
As you fall for their games

This may seem less romantic,
And more pathetic as I sing these words,
That's because it is when things don't get better,

They only get worse.


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