Monday, April 19, 2010

Beauty and the Briefcase

Last night ABC Family premiered their original movie Beauty and the Briefcase, staring Hilary Duff. I'm from generation Lizzie McGuire, and so I've followed her career since way back when. She has a blooming business, a decent acting career, and semi-popular music. (I'm actually a huge fan of her music! She's not the best singer, but that doesn't make her music any less awesome.)

I wasn't expecting much from this movie, especially because Hilary's acting isn't the best. She's always awkward on camera, not knowing what to do with her hands/body, and she seems to stutter a lot when she's trying to be dramatic. And I'm not talking just from her Lizzie McGuire time, I'm talking recent acting jobs too, like, Gossip Girl. She was not at all impressive.

But I was very much surprised. Beauty and the Briefcase is a very cute and funny movie. Most romantic comedies are predictable from beginning to end, but this one had me wondering for a long while who she was going to end up with. Eventually, I caught on and figured out who she was falling in love with. (Maybe I'm just slow?).

There were a couple of twists and turns that were quite entertaining. And I found Hilary's character, Lane, to be somewhat relatable and interesting. Most females really do have lists and fantasies of what they want out of men, and that usually doesn't work out so well. Also, most women who are open with their friends talk they way Lane did with her friends as well, and I found it refreshing to see it done right in a movie.

Beauty wasn't meant to be deep, and maybe the whole movie wasn't perfectly written, but I would have actually paid to have seen this in the theater. I thought it was that good. There were a few lines that were a bit too corny, but it really was a fantastic movie either way.

Plus, Hilary Duff is freakin' gorgeous. Her body is perfect, her hair is beautiful, and her face is so thin and flawless! Okay, I'm totally not into girls, I'm just saying, she looked really good in this movie. And I loved her outfits.

If you like romantic comedies, happy endings, funny and dorky characters, and cute moments, this is the movie for you! And I promise you, Hilary Duff is a great actress in this movie! I hope to see her doing more movies like this in the future, hopefully on the big screen!

Beauty and the Briefcase is based on the book Diary of a Working Girl by Daniella Brodsky.
(I totally have to read this book now!)


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