Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Repo'd my heart!

Was that corny? Well, that is how I now feel about Jude Law. Because I never liked the dude, he just seemed so smug and forgettable. Until Repo Men. Let's start off with the fact that this movie was wickedly good. It may have made me feel a little sick (let's just say that there was a ton of blood), but it was the kind of sick I was okay with.

Now, Law, he was sexy as hell in that movie. Talk about a good looking face! I just can't get over it. He has officially won me over. Yum. And, the sexy Forest Whitaker was just as delish. Yea I know, he has a wonky eye, and he's not the usual man a girl finds attractive, but c'mon, he is one amazing actor. And a total badass. Have you seen Vantage Point? Exactly.

The movie has a big twist in it that I did not see coming (isn't that the point?), but I guess my brother was paying more attention because he caught onto it. Regardless, it was a very well written movie, with fantastic acting. The only bad thing about this movie was the coat Beth (Alice Braga) wore, it was ridiculously ugly. Hey, I'm just saying!

This is most definitely on the top of my favorite movie list. The scene where (slight SPOILER) they repo themselves... was freakin' brilliant! And the ending... it brought me to tears. If you haven't seen this, get your ass to the theater, it's worth it. (It's playing at the $3 theater in Vancouver, WA).


image via www.impawards.com

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