Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video OTW: Yes, This is REAL, and it is AWESOME

The Video of the Week is:

Epic and Honest
Mobile Home

This is one hundred percent real folks! It's so freakin' funny, totally random, and really seems like it's fake. But I promise you, it is not fake at all!

Here's the deal-- anyone can nominate a local business, including small business owners themselves. If that business is chosen, then two guys named Rhett & Link will go to wherever that business is located, and make a (funny) commercial for them. This program is supported by MicroBilt Corporation, and they want to help smaller businesses build profit. Isn't that super nice?! Check out the website for more commercials and to learn about Rhett & Link and how they're helping out many local businesses.


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  1. That was classic... made me laugh.. it was really dumb..and awesome.