Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hell Yea!

Wasn't I just saying The CW has some of the best shows ever?! Well, I am super excited to learn that they've created yet another show I cannot wait to watch. The show is titled Hellcats and stars two gorgeous (I'm so jealous) Disney starlets. Ashley Tisdale (who is freakin' fantastic) and Aly Michalka. And the best part is: it's about college CHEERLEADING! I love anything cheer related, so I'm really psyched about this!

above: Ashley Tisdale (left) Aly Michalka (right) via www.j14.com

Tisdale plays Sierra, the captain of the cheer squad who is roommates with Michalka, who plays Marti. Of course, Sierra doesn't like Marti at first, but realizes that she might just be what the Hellcats need to win the championship. And Marti has to join just to stay in school (she loses her scholarship because of cutbacks and her mother).
Knowing the CW, there will be lots of drama. Plus it is the cheerleading world, and that alone is major drama. (Believe me I know). It'll be nice to see them playing more adult roles, because the CW doesn't touch children programs, their shows are all about sex, drama, and scandal!
Also, I haven't seen anything about cheerleading on TV or in movies since the original Bring it On. So, let's hope they get it right. The only thing the CW hasn't gotten right since I've been obsessed with their shows have been Melrose Place and canceling Veronica Mars.

Also, check out Ashley Tisdale's album Guilty Pleasure and Aly & AJ's album Insomniatic. Very good music!


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