Thursday, April 29, 2010

Character OTW

The Character of the Week is:

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Seth Cohen

Yummmers!!! Man, I miss The O.C.! How you spiraled down in the ratings after Marissa was killed off still confuses me. I mean, she was the worst part of the show. The ratings should have soared after she left, especially because one less actor, meant more screen time for Adam Brody, who played the adorable Seth Cohen. Dorky. Funny. Clueless. Romantic. Gorgeous. ahhhh... drool...mmmm.... Whoops, I was distracted (maybe I shouldn't have a picture of Adam Brody right above my laptop?).

He was the geek with no friends, so when his father brought in tough guy Ryan, Seth looked like a kid who just got a new puppy on Christmas. Finally, comic reading, music loving, loner Seth had a friend. Awww! Honestly, their friendship was a really fantastic aspect of the show. Two totally complete opposites finding someone they can depend on. Again-- Awwww!!!

And the thing that had me coming back every week was the "love" between Seth and Summer. Man, when it comes to t.v. couples, they are too freakin' awesome! Summer who thought she was too good for him and Seth who was completely obsessed (come on, he named his sailboat after her!), became the couple every one rooted for. Yea, Ryan and Marissa (gag) were supposed to be the couple of the show, but that didn't work out. (You know, cos she died and all).

I, unfortunately, missed the very last season. Boo. But I did catch the series finale, because I needed to make sure Seth got what he deserved- LOVE. (Corny, yes, but so cute). And he did, him and Summer eventually got married. One last time now--AWWW!!!

Seth Cohen, the son of very wealthy parents was the lonely cast-out. But he was the one who provided all the laughs and Chrismukkah. He was awkward, but likable. He never really knew the right thing to say and even did some stupid things but he was always so innocent, he was the kind of character you could never hate. Plus, that hair, his smile and dimple, those teeth, his converse and clothes, gosh, he was just amazing to look at. (I think my love for this fictional character has made me biased, but this is my blog and I can chose whoever I want for character OTW, so suck on that!)

I think Adam Brody did a great job portraying the awkward, shy, nerdy high-school student pining for the beautiful popular girl. He made the character who he was. When you talk to any fan of the show, they will tell you that Seth Cohen was the best character because he was funny and weird, and most of all (and most importantly) he was relatable.

I wouldn't mind Adam back on my television screen playing another character like Seth. I love seeing him in movies of course, but I'd really enjoy seeing him showing up in my room once a week- making me laugh, being awkward, and making me wish that I could be Mrs. Brody. Hey, it could happen!


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