Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fun TV RomCom

RomComs are absolutely the best! I mean, I can get down with the dirty raw comedies, no problem. But in my heart there will always be a place for romantic comedies. They're predictable and corny-- but they're funny (duh) and romantic (double duh), which makes them so fun to watch.

Today I saw a made for t.v. romantic comedy on the ABC Family Channel. Which, by the way, they make some really awesome and cute comedies, especially the Christmas movies. Plus they always have the most adorable cast. The movie I saw today was My Fake Fiance staring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. Oh yea, two awesome stars from the '90s. MJH from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Joey L from Blossom and Brotherly Love. And gosh darn it, they just made the best couple for this movie.

Obviously (from the title) they become engaged, but not for real. They do it because they're both broke and want the gifts and money that couples get at their weddings. It has so many laugh out loud moments. Of course it had a predictable ending, some not great acting moments (Melissa Joan Hart is not believable when she cries onscreen), and some serious sappy moments, but all in all, it was totally worth watching.

I suggest My Fake Fiance for anyone who likes good romantic comedies or Lifetime type movies. It was made in 2009, so it's bearable to watch when it comes to the technology, clothing, etc. Plus the soundtrack is really good! In fact, there's a great cover of Can't Hurry Love at the very end which I googled as soon as I finished watching it. (Meiko covers the song in the movie.)

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