Saturday, April 24, 2010

Personal Blog OTW

This is my first ever Personal Blog OTW, and I really want you, the reader, to understand me as a person. The way I feel about things in my own life and my thoughts on everything else as well. I may talk a lot about celebrities and what not, but that's not all that goes on in my mind. I'm not that superficial or vain, even if some may argue otherwise. ;)

Personal Blog of the Week:

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She's such a Bitch,

Isn't she? "She" -- as in every female with strong opinions. A woman who speaks her mind, a woman who doesn't like to be treated like complete shiz. She is just such a bitch! That word gets thrown around so much and apparently almost every female happens to be one. Maybe people call women that because they can't think of any other ways of describing that person (idea: expand your vocabulary). And I'll admit, we really can be bitchy at times, but most of us that are called a "bitch" have a reason to be one.

Most people don't just act like that for fun. Those who do act that way purposefully? Those are the real bitches. The ones that are malicious and hurtful just because they can be. What's sad, is that woman that are actually like that get away with it. And that's totally fair that they get away with it, right? While other (nice) girls who have momentary attitudes, are a total beotch.

I for one can get really pissed off sometimes. And yea, I may yell and have an attitude of an Ice Queen on occasion, but that is not my personality. That's not who I am as a person, that's just how I act sometimes when things aren't right. Shouldn't we all be allowed to have those moments, without being hurtfully called a bitch?

And so what if I have really strong opinions, who doesn't? Some people chose to state their opinions, some don't, and some force them on you. (Hmmm... seems like the forceful person would be the bitch?)

Some words are used to describe people too often that aren't exactly the right words to use. And no matter what women say, being called a bitch is not okay. If someone is truly a malicious, always unpleasant, and selfish person, then,(according to the dictionary), you can call them a bitch. Because that's what they are. Don't be quick to throw that word out on someone who's having a bad day, or is frustrated momentarily, or if it's someone you love. It's disrespectful and just plain rude.


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