Friday, April 16, 2010

Love is blind?

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I'm all for loving who you love. But sometimes, I can't help but judge. Admit it, you judge people all the time. It's what we do. We're only human, right? So, get ready for me to be really judgmental right now. Ready? Ready?

A 19 year old engaged to a 43 year old, how weird is that? That is a 23 year age difference (don't worry, I wouldn't dare make you do math!). The couple is Aaron Johnson, star of Kick-Ass and Sam Taylor-Wood, some writer or something (I didn't care enough to remember).

To top it off this 43 year old woman, who is old enough to be his mom, is pregnant with his child. I know we should just be like, well, they're in love, who cares? But 23 years difference? I know guys like "MILF's" and "cougars" and TV shows and movies are always showing that it's awesome when a young guy hooks up with an older woman. But that doesn't make it any less weird. Because it really is the weirdest thing.

And what is up with this... elderly lady (ha!)? I don't care how "mature" he is for his age, because the fact is, he is 19 years old. And 19 year old males are pretty freakin' stupid for the most part (sorry, but it's true.) Plus, 19 year old guys rarely know what they want at that age. I can't help but think that there is just so many things wrong with that relationship.

But, I know-I know, I'm not in their relationship and I shouldn't judge them, I shouldn't even bother talking about it. I just can't help myself. :x Lucky for her, he looks older than his age, and also lucky for her, he is pretty freakin' fine!

Eh, Whatever.

xoxo e.m.

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