Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Return of Sarah Michelle Gellar

 Show: Ringer
Network: CW
Time slot: Tuesdays 9/8c
Premiered: September 8th, 2011

Hells yeah! Sarah. Michelle. Gellar. Of course I loved Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but I also really enjoy her movies, she's just a fantastic actress. Which means I'm super stoked to see her doing some work, especially on television.

SMG did a great job choosing the right show to get involved with. The CW has really fantastic shows, full of drama and twists, all while being sexy and intriguing. The premiere of Ringer was intriguing and had a few jaw dropping moments and cliff hangers, but also got right to the point, which I find really refreshing. Gellar has been quoted saying that Ringer gives answers and doesn't leave question after question, and it's made evident in the first episode.

Kristoffer Polaha
The acting was really great, the casting director needs a high five for sure. Plus, I love that The CW re-hires actors they've had on their other productions as well. Like Kristoffer Polaha, from Valentine and Life Unexpected. And he is just... deliciously sexy. And even though he's a cheater on this show, he still radiates sweetness. And, a lost alum is on the show, Nestor Carbonell. This is why I'm not surprised that  I like this show so much,  even after watching one episode so far (there's another on my DVR, but I've been working a lot so I haven't watched it yet). It has the perfect mix of awesomeness. Great cast and writers, it's suspenseful, sexy, and mysterious.

Although I'm already a fan, there was something not so awesome about this episode. The boat scene... it's been mentioned a lot on some websites, but I'm going to mention it here too since it was that bad. There are so many shows on this network that do just fine in the special effects department, so why they did such a crappy job on the pilot of Ringer is a mystery to me. Hopefully the whole season doesn't have this flaw, because it is just super distracting.

Bottom Line: One flaw is not enough to pull me away from the screen every Tuesday night. With this cast and the reputation The CW has for having amazingly dramatic shows, I will definitively continue to watch Ringer. And you should watch it too!!

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